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Jingxing County Government and Delong Iron and Steel Group signed a strategic cooperation framework Agreement On March 13, jingxing County Party Secretary Liu Lixiang led a team to inspect Delong Iron and Steel Group and had a friendly conversation with Ding Liguo, chairman of Delong Iron and Steel Group and Wu Yujie, vice chairman.The two sides reached cooperation and signed framework agreements on the rural revitalization of prickly ash planting project and metallurgical calcium oxide deep processing project.County people’s Congress standing Committee director Huo Aimin attended the signing ceremony.Signing ceremony, Ding Liguo, Liu Lixiang respectively speech.Ding Liguo for iron and steel group has carried on the brief introduction, delong group and said in all over the new stage of development, will adhere to the “stability for change, the change in person, completely-new” change concept, adhering to the “party building, green, innovation and lean, wisdom and happiness” six big development concept, with “ideal does not change, innovation, career more than to be good, but the struggle” for the purpose, focus on core business of steel,Innovation and development, stride forward toward the internationalization of large steel group.Jingxing Project of Delong Iron and Steel Group will adhere to the concept of green development, adopt the most advanced domestic production equipment, environmental protection facilities and management mode, build an intelligent manufacturing, ultra-low emission, first-class quality industrial park, achieve win-win economic, ecological and social benefits, and make new contributions to jingxing building “economic strong county”.Liu Lixiang said that Delong Iron and Steel Group is one of China’s top 500 enterprises and a benchmark of steel enterprises. It is a responsible and thoughtful enterprise with extensive influence at home and abroad.Jingxing County government and Delong Iron and Steel Group signed a framework cooperation agreement, marking that the parties have entered a substantive stage of cooperation.Jingxing county is an ancient county with a history of thousands of years. It has splendid traditional culture, convenient transportation conditions, obvious geographical advantages, rich mineral resources, and non-metallic resources reserves are very important in North China.The cooperation between the two parties is of great strategic significance to the safety of delong Iron & Steel Group’s industrial chain.The Prickly ash Planting Project is an important part of the “Seven Actions” for rural revitalization.The Delong Iron and Steel Group donated 40 million yuan, in nanyu town, Tianchang town and other 7 towns, choose about 20 thousand mu of abandoned land, hill slope sub-land planting Pepper, with high quality seedling varieties, perfect water conservancy supporting facilities, professional technical guidance as the guarantee, will grow pepper tree into a “cash cow”.After entering the fruiting period, 53 villages will benefit, with an annual income of 160 million yuan, providing a strong guarantee for strengthening village collective economy and promoting comprehensive rural revitalization.After the meeting, the two sides will set up a special team for the project as soon as possible, with special personnel in charge of the docking, establish a timetable and information exchange mechanism, accelerate the progress of the project, and strive for the early implementation of the project.County leaders Lu Yongfei, Ouyang Zhengzhong, Zhao Zhenguo, Chen Yongping and the relevant person in charge of China United Railway attended the signing ceremony.The author field edit | | zhang xiao-hong han email |

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