54 passengers on a flight from Britain to Shanghai tested positive in transit?A lot of people were upset after the reexamination

Recently, 54 passengers connecting Denmark returned from England for nucleic acid detection result is “positive” and were stranded in Denmark Copenhagen airport news attention left, Feb. 8, the passengers on the flight from London, the destination to Shanghai, China, the plane arrive on the afternoon of the Copenhagen airport.According to the local epidemic prevention requirements, all aircraft personnel underwent nucleic acid testing.But before the flight took off, 54 of the 200 passengers on board were informed by the airport that they had tested “positive” and would not be able to board the flight to Shanghai and would need to be quarantined or returned to the UK.However, after applying for a retest, the positive results turned negative and the flight was already gone.It is understood that most of the 54 passengers are Chinese students stranded passengers believe:A collective “positive” events should be identified as major medical misdiagnosis on February 10, the reporter learned that the stranded passengers still in Copenhagen airport transfer nucleic acid 54 passengers were asked to do the results for “positive” del on February 9, was stranded for nucleic acid detection “false positive” in Denmark Copenhagen airport, a number of users in a social platform post for help.According to the netizen, he took sas flight SK997 back from London to Pudong in Shanghai on February 8.Everyone on board a flight in Copenhagen, Denmark, was required to have a nucleic acid test at the airport at their own expense, costing £440 per person.The nucleic acid test results showed that 54 passengers on the plane were “positive”, making them unable to transfer, stranded at the airport.A passenger surnamed Gao said the flight was delayed by more than two hours and did not take off from Copenhagen until nearly 9 p.m.The nucleic acid test results were all negative.Inspection agencies misdiagnosis del students Ms. Li, on the day of the first nucleic acid testing positive for 54 people, but at the time the airport staff not to into their paper inspection report, but oral inform them for the positive coordination (after the embassy to get paper reports), and let them according to the request of epidemic prevention to Denmark hotel in isolation or buy the ticket back to Britain.According to the quarantine requirements, all passengers on board had to undergo double nucleic acid tests or triple nucleic acid +IgM+N protein tests in the UK seven days and 48 hours before takeoff before getting green codes issued by the Chinese Embassy in the UK, Li said.Therefore, many passengers questioned the positive result of nucleic acid at Copenhagen Airport.Ms. Li said that at the collective request, all the stranded people paid 25 pounds for a one-on-one rapid nucleic acid test that night, and the test results turned out to be “negative.”At this time, the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark rushed to the scene.Under the coordination of the embassy, the stranded personnel got two “one positive and one negative” reports.But the flight to the country has already left.What went wrong with the Yin and Yang reversal of nucleic acid tests in such a short time?It is understood that SAS SK997 flight only once a week.A passenger surnamed Gao said tickets on the flight’s official website were sold for 21,000 yuan, while those bought on behalf of others were around 30,000 yuan or higher. “The highest price should be 38,000 yuan,” she said.The stranded passengers found that there were nearly 200 people on board the plane, and 54 “positive” people were sitting in different areas of the plane, but were all tested by the same inspector.They had reason to suspect — a case of medical misdiagnosis.Wendy, a passenger, said that the inspector was an older female nurse who was quicker. “The q-tip was dry and white, while the q-tip used by the nurse was tawny and wet.”Ms. Li also claimed that because there was no queue at the nurse’s office, she was pulled here for testing, and when testing, the staff did not operate the standard, “wearing only half of the mask, nose exposed, no gloves, hands without disinfection directly ripped the test package.”The airport urged passengers to return to The U.K. through the route of the recovering Passengers, demanding compensation from the test agency – The test agency and the airport did not offer any solution after the incident, but tried to let passengers return to the U.K. through the route of the recovering passengers.According to people familiar with the matter, the recovering person route refers to the process of returning people with a history of infection.It means 54 passengers will have to return to the UK from Denmark and then apply to the embassy at least four weeks in advance for permission to return, “which means you will not be able to buy a ticket for more than a month.”Stranded passengers will also be identified as COVID-19 positive and may have a “positive” record after returning home, insiders said.Stranded passengers argued that the incident should be considered a major medical misdiagnosis.Their demands now are: for an official account of the incident from the testing agency;All staff should take another test free of charge to overturn the previous false positive record;Hope testing institutions to provide compensation solutions;At the same time, we hope that the Embassy can facilitate the return to China and arrange flights as soon as possible.Hedy, a stranded passenger, said, I would rather go home than pay compensation. He said he had to go to Denmark for a connecting flight because there is no direct flight from Britain to Shanghai.The air ticket was bought three months in advance, and the price was 22,500 yuan. Plus other testing costs, the cost of returning to China was about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.Hedy’s original route was to board a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport, arrive in Copenhagen two hours later, and then transfer to Shanghai’s Pudong.Because of local regulations, the transfer must take a nucleic acid test again, I did not expect the nucleic acid test result was positive.Hedy, who tested positive at the nucleic acid test site, said he had been trapped for almost 48 hours.The first day’s food was prepared at the airport, followed by food, water and quarantine supplies from the Chinese Embassy in Denmark.”It’s not clear when the plane will fly home,” Hedy said. “Right now I just want to go home. Nothing is more important than the so-called compensation.”The Chinese Embassy in Denmark delivered food, masks, blankets and towels to the stranded passengers on The night of February 9.At the same time, the embassy, testing institutions, airports and stranded people have held meetings to discuss the decision to conduct free nucleic acid tests for all.”If they are positive, they will be taken away and quarantined by airport police.If it’s negative, you can contact your email address and try to claim compensation.”In response, the Chinese Embassy in Denmark said that after the incident, the embassy staff rushed to the airport overnight to deal with it, there have been personnel on the scene coordination, is now trying to deal with.Source: view news responsible editor: Liyun copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement, please timely contact

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