A woman in Haikou was given administrative detention for five days for Posting false remarks about COVID-19

Source: People’s Daily Online – Hainan channel published “Haidian Island new 12 cases” false remarks zhang was arrested by the police.Haikou, April 3 (Li Xueshan) After a woman in Haikou on April 2 was sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days for releasing false statements related to COVID-19 in a wechat group chat on April 3, another woman for Posting false statements about “12 new cases in Haidian Island” in a wechat group chat.He was sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention by hainan Public Security Bureau.On April 2, the Harbour and Navigation Public Security Bureau of the Hainan Provincial Public Security Department found netizens spreading false rumors about COVID-19 in wechat groups, and the police of the Haikou Harbour and Wharf Police Station immediately launched an investigation.After find out, the woman zhang on April 1 WeChat group chat 9 PM to launch “12 new cases of hai dian island” false statements, to after, zhang mou confessed to its illegal behavior, the haikou port terminal station, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on public security administration punishment law to zhang on the fifth day of the administrative detention punishment (reprieve for outbreak reasons).The police clew, network transmission involves the outbreak of all kinds of information carefully screened, scientific analysis, to unconfirmed, endless speculation of news release, don’t spread, comments, do not believe a rumor, disinformation, tale, government departments, authoritative media, such as official release platform shall prevail, “setter” do not do false information.False information that has been published, forwarded or commented on should be deleted as soon as possible, and the negative social impact should be eliminated actively.Police clew, the network is not outside the law, to release, rumors spread false information through the network, illegal to distribute such as personal privacy disrupt the epidemic prevention and control and the behavior of the social economic order, the public security organs will be on the basis of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China of the People’s Republic of China on public security administration punishment law and other laws and regulations, in accordance with the law to crack down on according to regulation and the legal liability shall be investigated for relevant personnel.At the same time, we welcome netizens and the general public to actively complain and report online rumors, illegal activities and undesirable information.

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