Here are 3 tips to help you save money and improve your skin without daily habits

Hello, everybody. I’m Vivien.Holiday, always let a person become “lazy” up.From smooth skin to “orange skin,” for example, everyday good clothes and good skin become worse and worse overnight.For example, a series of skin problems such as coarse pores, dark yellow skin, acne, acne, body fat, no problem to boiled himself into a palace of “national treasure panda eyes” ~~~!Never care about skin care xiaobian, on the holiday this period of personal experience, good skin young state, away from dark circles, are inseparable from the daily adhere to efficient skin care “small secret”.Today, taking advantage of my free time, I would like to share with you three cost-effective and efficient skin care tips that are worth sharing.Although the holiday has passed half, many partners in just a few days to develop a habit of eating and drinking at home, sleep late, overnight, skin suddenly “consumption”, will inevitably appear acne, dark complexion, dark circles under the eyes and acne and other skin problems.As the saying goes, “Stay up late, apply the most expensive mask.”For instance regular stay up late or the habit of late sleep, often is the skin becomes poor, ugly the biggest “killer”, use namely again expensive protect skin to taste of no help.Because, stay up late is the biggest influence to human body endocrine, endocrine disorder besides can let your skin slowly become more and more dark yellow, pore bulky, still can accelerate the speed of skin cell aging, let the skin become flabby have fine lines and other skin problems.Want to let skin become good, want to adjust habit of good rest and rest for the first time above all, assure enough morpheus.At least 8-9 hours of sleep per day.You’d better make sure you go to bed at 10 o ‘clock every night.Get into a deep sleep before 11 o ‘clock to develop good sleep quality.If you have the conditions for a lunch break at noon, it is recommended to keep a 30-minute lunch break every day, so that your body and mind can be fully relaxed. After a period of time, you will find that your skin becomes more and more moist.Tips: Turn off your cell phone before going to bed and keep electronic devices at least one meter away from you.Ensure enough adequate sleep, effectively adjust endocrine, improve the disorder of the internal system, the skin can be raised better.As we all know, when it comes to skin care, when we stay home during the holidays, our skin care routine is much simpler than what we normally do at work.For example, during the holiday, xiaobian is almost plain face, more talk about the skin care process with makeup, but we should adhere to basic skin care, deep cleaning.Compared with daily skin care, xiaobian always “plays” various skin care essences, whitening masks and other skin care products directly on the face, but it does not achieve effective results, but will cause skin damage and cannot absorb the essence of skin care products.Good skin muscle bottom, xiaobian feel to do a good job of basic skin care, moisturizing first.Especially in the autumn and winter climate, the skin is dry skin, deep moisturizing is the key to basic skin care.First of all, xiaobian will use a hot towel hot compress on the face, and then the toner (moisturizing type) daub on the face, this action repeated 2 times;Then apply a layer of moisturizer, massage it, let the moisturizer fully permeate the face, and finally, spray a layer of moisturizing spray to encourage the skin to contract pores and tighten the skin.(You can choose the excess essence to smear on the neck, so that the neck absorbs the nutrients of the mask essence.)Adjust eating habits, keep fresh light xiaobian often laments that many female friends do not usually how to maintain skin care, but still give a person the feeling of white fat, smooth and delicate skin.Especially after going up makeup, you can feel their skin condition is very obedient, give a person a kind of glittering and translucent get rid of feeling.In fact, most of them have something to do with personal eating habits.Such as xiaobian house at home for a few days sea eat sea drink, overeating, two consecutive days to eat a lot of melon seeds, overnight, forehead, chin and nose on both sides of the size of a soybeans pimple (O (╥﹏╥) O).Adjust eating habits, suggest as far as possible not to eat sweets, snacks and other foods (especially snacks).If you really want to eat, you can eat nuts containing vitamin E.Eat fresh ingredients every day, buy only a day’s worth of ingredients at a time, and keep cooking light.It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C.For example, tomatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers, dark leafy vegetables, bitter melon, citrus, grapefruit, apples, grapes, kiwi fruit, fresh dates are rich in vitamin C.Well, that’s all you need to know about your skin care. 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