Liyuan Xing love Lin Qingxia?Give her 500 million mansion to live in, married for decades not to let her cook

Actress an Yixuan’s husband Chen Ronglian was caught, caused a lot of attention.Chen Ronglian, one of Macao’s biggest code-breakers, had been caught in Macao before the Chinese New Year.According to Hong Kong media sources, Chen ronglian is also involved in overseas gambling.An Yixuan fame is very big, and look very beautiful, a few years ago An Yixuan married rich Chen Ronglian, once caused a lot of people envy, two people married after giving birth to two children, life is very happy.But now Chen Ronglian had an accident, an Yixuan’s good days are over.In fact, the stars marry the rich, basically few have a good result, many are finally the rich bankrupt.But there is a star with a rich couple combination is an exception, the couple is Lin Qingxia with Liyuan Xing.Brigitte Lin was once the most popular superstar in Asia.Lin Qingxia liyuan xing married for more than 20 years, husband and wife is very loving, and now two people have tens of billions of assets, there are three children, life is also very happy.Xing Liyuan is also retired from the business, he sold the company’s shares before 2008, cashing out more than 20 billion in cash.In fact, so many years have passed, a lot of people still do not understand why Lin Qingxia to marry Liyuan Xing.Although Xing Li was originally a billionaire, but in order to Lin Qingxia’s own conditions, she wants to marry billions of billionaires, is also a matter of minutes.In fact Lin Qingxia himself is not short of money, she red for decades, their own money is also a lot of.Lin Qingxia came to the mainland a few years ago to participate in variety, it is said that remuneration can still achieve 100 million, visible Lin Qingxia influence.Xing Liyuan although rich, but he is not what rich family, in addition to liyuan xing looks ugly, with Lin Qingxia look also do not match.The key is the success of liyuan Xing career, to help Lin Qingxia is also very big.Lin Qingxia with Liyuan xing marriage, Liyuan xing business is not so big.At that time, Liyuan xing think jie clothing brand, mainly in the development of Hong Kong.Lin Qingxia with Liyuan xing after marriage, because of the influence of Lin Qingxia, think jie clothing influence greatly increased.At that time Brigitte Lin often invited their star friends together for think jie platform.Although Lin Qingxia married Liyuan Xing, liyuan xing conditions are not particularly good, but Liyuan xing is really very love Lin Qingxia.A lot of people may not believe how much Love Lin Qingxia Xing Liyuan.Liyuan xing career success, he bought a 500 million mansion in Hong Kong to Brigitte Lin.Brigitte Lin retired from acting, life is very simple, like writing books and growing vegetables.Liyuan xing deliberately bought a very large garden villa to Lin Qingxia.Lin Qingxia this house not only only vegetable garden, garden, and still have facilities such as swimming pool, can be said to be very luxurious, only the kitchen with dining room has more than 400 square meters.Now the market value of this villa has already exceeded 10 billion.In addition to send the house, more let Lin Qingxia moved is Liyuan Xing details in life.Lin Qingxia with Liyuan xing married for so many years, Liyuan xing has not been willing to let Lin Qingxia cooking.Brigitte made a soup when she was on a show in the mainland.Brigitte later revealed that this was her second time cooking after high school.Lin Qingxia with Liyuan xing married for more than 20 years, unexpectedly never cook, can only say liyuan xing is really too love Lin Qingxia.In fact, although a lot of rich family wife need not do housework, but they can cook, and a lot of Chinese rich family wife like cooking very much.But Liyuan xing not only don’t let Lin Qingxia cook, but also don’t dislike her not to cook.In fact Lin Qingxia’s emotional experience is also very bumpy.Lin Qingxia was very like qin and Han, but the Qin and Han have been married.Brigitte Lin and Jackie Chan still have a love, but ultimately is flowering does not bear fruit.Later Qin Xianglin proposed to Lin Qingxia, but Lin Qingxia’s heart is only qin and Han, so the two people are not together.Round and round to 40 years old, Brigitte Lin is still a person alone.At this time Liyuan Xing with yuan wife Zhang Tian ‘ai divorce, so Liyuan Xing began to pursue Lin Qingxia.It is worth mentioning that Zhang Tian ‘ai is also a fierce woman, she is one of the most famous fashion designers in China, but also once made a lot of movies, is very beautiful.Zhang Tian ‘ai with Liyuan xing gave birth to a daughter.Brigitte Lin’s career was at its peak at that time, especially after tsui Hark’s Oriental Invincible.At that time Lin Qingxia often to the mainland, Xing Liyuan in order to pursue Lin Qingxia, although his career is very busy, but also often to the mainland to visit Lin Qingxia.Sometimes, Liyuan xing is specially by plane with Lin Qingxia dinner, after dinner, Liyuan xing went back to Hong Kong to work.Lin Qingxia is also moved by liyuan xing sincerity.Liyuan xing is actually a very low-key rich, so many years in Hong Kong there is no scandal, also rarely on the media, also almost do not accept interviews.Liyuan xing is really very love Lin Qingxia, so Lin Qingxia will eventually choose to marry Liyuan Xing.A lot of people are talking about Michelle Reis these days.In fact, Michelle Reis also married into a wealthy family.But Michelle Reis really should learn from Brigitte.Lin Qingxia also used to be a great beauty, now she is also old, although there is no young amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, but temperament is getting better and better, like white wine, the longer the more mellow.Michelle Reis is more than 50 years old, very well maintained, but her behavior always makes people feel incompatible with the rich, in fact, the rich, not on the wealth, but also in the temperament with the inside information above.On New Year’s Day, Michelle Reis took a New Year’s photo, is wearing super short shorts, many people think is not too decent, Although Michelle Reis is showing his long legs, but she is 51 years old, not a 25-year-old girl.Brigitte Lin with Michelle Reis is a star, but the gap is too big.Brigitte Lin’s past experience has become her temperament now, Michelle Reis is not so, all aspects of her character with 20 years ago without much change.Michelle Reis and Xu Jin Heng two people are the same character, values are also the same, a greedy rich family, an unenterprising.Lin Qingxia to the mainland to participate in variety, made 100 million, in fact, for her, now more than 100 million less 100 million are no difference, she turned around and donated 100 million to charity.

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