Study abroad certification: Will Baekseok University be recognized in 2022?

With the continuous strengthening of the connection between countries around the world and the continuous improvement of China’s economic and social development level, the country’s demand for international talents has also increased greatly, and the official policy has been encouraging students to study abroad.For students studying abroad, in addition to the daily life needs to worry about such as food, clothing, housing and transportation, the most concerned and the most important point is probably whether the institutions to study abroad is recognized by the Ministry of Education of China, and whether the degree obtained by studying abroad can be certified after returning to China.Students who want to study at Baekseok University in Korea are most concerned about the following two aspects: What is the gold content of Baekseok University in Korea?Will Baekseok University be recognized domestically in 2022?Here is a look with these questions and xiaobian!Study abroad certification: Will Baekseok University be recognized in 2022?Baekseok University is a research-oriented comprehensive university founded in 1983. It enjoys a high academic reputation in South Korea and the world. Its international education strength has received the highest level certification from the Ministry of Education of The Republic of Korea.The university has set up a number of strength majors to cultivate practical application ability, and has established exchanges and cooperation with more than 100 universities around the world.Baekseok University has two campuses in Seoul and Cheonan. It has 12 undergraduate schools and 7 graduate/doctoral schools, with an enrollment of more than 30,000 students, including nearly 10,000 graduate students. Baekseok University ranks among the top 10 in The number of students and employment rate of graduates in South Korea.Bai Shi University not only attaches great importance to the quality of education, but also attaches great importance to helping students find jobs and start businesses.The school has a sound industry-university-research system, which can help students improve their knowledge level and professional ability, but also provide opportunities for students to increase their field work experience, so that students can truly become the talents needed by the country in the 21st century.Will Baekseok University be recognized domestically in 2022?Baishi south Korean university is one of China’s Ministry of Education certification of Korea university, students can in foreign regulatory information online query to the information of the university, which awarded the bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate are recognized by domestic, also widely recognized by the international students are available in Chinese students education certification service center, society, enterprises are recognized.After international students studying at the university of South Korea baishi, not only can get the diploma country admits, social acceptance in the community, can also grasp the advanced professional knowledge and experience of South Korea’s cultural activities, harvest the rich work experience, thus become the eyes open, thinking, proficient in the internationalization of the two countries culture and language talent, to win in the fierce competition for jobs,It has a brighter prospect for development.In this light, studying abroad is undoubtedly an investment with potential long-term value.

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