Use design to make cars better, Changan automobile is doing so

Nowadays, many independent brands have already achieved the “advanced design power”. For example, as the leader of independent brands, Changan Automobile, relying on the numerous models of “Blue Whale series” and “UNI series”, let us see the more “cool” side of today’s domestic cars.In fact, independent brands are now willing to deep in design level, the reason behind is not only the present market competition, to consumers, but also because their car outside travel vehicles also have more extended attributes, a car is not only a car, is the owner of the social work, or the carrier of aesthetic taste.And on February 18, “See the Future with Wisdom and Beauty · Automobile Design Appreciation Salon” was officially held in Mountain City Chongqing. At the meeting, relevant leaders and experts and scholars from all walks of life gathered together.While realizing the integration of avant-garde thought and humanistic feelings, we also see the hope of the upward development of China’s automobile industry.At the event site, Water Drop Car COO Prince also released the “China car youth Design Competition” plan.It is reported that the original intention of Shuidu Automobile to hold this event is to achieve the emotional sublimation of young people’s automobile brand from “strange” to “love”, and to help automobile enterprises reach young users.Since the “auto” and “design” is the theme of the event, experts from the changan automobile design team big coffee but also to take this opportunity to share these years changan’s achievements in the field of automobile design and breakthrough, but also further explained the current changan automobile will be how to implement the motor and the design and the depth of the fusion of science and technology,So that every user can feel a more valuable and quality travel experience because of the existence of Changan Automobile.In this salon, Mi Mengdong, general manager of Chang ‘an Design Institute & Chairman of Chang ‘an European Design Center delivered the keynote speech “Future City Lights”.In his speech, Mr. Mi pointed out that Now Changan is constantly thinking about the best way to make cars with temperature under the surface of technology through the power of design.At the same time, Mi zong also used Changan CS75PLUS series models as vivid cases, which let us see the bold inheritance and breakthrough innovation of Changan Automobile on new science and technology wisdom aesthetics.It is worth mentioning that changan now deep in the area of design, more than ten years, since design center was established in 2006 in Turin, changan automobile is still in the United States, Britain, Italy, Japan and other countries layout, through the way of global wisdom, makes the core values of “new technology the aesthetic design of wisdom” to the inheritance, innovation and rich.It is believed that on the new historical starting point of the launch of the second generation CS75PLUS, Changan Automobile will also strive to deeply cultivate the core concept of new scientific and technological wisdom aesthetics, and strive to design more customized and specialized product experience for users.Later, Liang Fenghua, deputy general manager of Changan Automobile Intelligent Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech related to intelligent technology.Mr. Liang believes that thanks to the extensive application of digital drawing board and other emerging technologies, the design work of Chang ‘an Automobile is more efficient and fast, which makes the unique product aesthetics of Chang ‘an Automobile more incisively and vividly displayed.In his speech, Mr. Liang also took the second-generation CS75PLUS as an example, through the intelligent technologies such as the top-ranking ultra-long integrated curved dual-screen, the first intelligent W-HUD head-up display technology, the new Wutong 3.0 interactive system, the intelligent cruise system equipped with IACC at full speed, and the smart-AEB automatic emergency braking system.With the rapid development of intelligent technology, We can see that Changan automobile can also integrate more science and technology genes into car design.In opening new ideas for the evolution of automobile aesthetics, Changan automobile’s own model products can also have the general value and charm of intelligent digital products.In addition, Jiang Jinchen, associate professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled design Transformation in the New Era.In professor jiang’s view, unprecedented changes have taken place in the industrial design field today, service design and experience design, interaction design is intertwined with each other, the relationship between the evaluation criteria of the important design has been from the past “physical design” evolved into the present prevalence of “immaterial design” concept.Professor Jiang also pointed out that today’s car design more emphasis on values, from the perspective of humanistic care, to do positive value guidance for users, to create a healthy lifestyle.It is worth mentioning that Professor Jiang also highly affirmed changan’s achievements in the design field in his speech.Professor Jiang believes that the design trend represented by Changan Automobile has made science and technology become an important carrier to experience people’s life attitude and value concept.In 2021, the annual cumulative sales volume of Changan Series Chinese brand passenger vehicles exceeded 1.2 million units, up 23.1% year on year.From the sales feedback in the terminal market, we can also feel the current Chinese people’s high recognition of the brand value and design strength of Changan Automobile.By hosting this salon.Changan Automobile also shows its unique but full of value product philosophy in the design level, which gives us more reasons to believe that the current independent brands can also achieve the design level to catch up with or even surpass the multinational car enterprises.

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