Attack of giants Final season: Face of the Battlefield, episode 19 jabby is the main C

Since its January 9, 2022 update, The hugely popular Japanese TV anime Attack on Giant Final Season has once again become the focus of attention of comic book fans.Although the ending of the manga is disappointing, the animation is still enjoyable.The battle over Palladia island has been going on since episode 17.By episode 19, this battle is coming to an end.Now, the giant of the Jaw is dead, many have become giants, And Alan and Shak enter the road…In addition, we saw a very scary Irena on the battlefield.Meanwhile, we see a frightened Armin.Meanwhile, we see Alan Yeager in the body of the attacking giant.Meanwhile, we see Armin in battle.At the same time, we saw the bamboo hat.At the same time, we see Alan running.Meanwhile, we meet Connie and Jean on the battlefield.The episode’s biggest draw, however, was the same Jabby Brown.When Aaron made contact with Shaker, she knocked him down with a very strange gun.That’s how it looks on the battlefield. Jabby is C in Episode 19.

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