Dying Light 2 Flashes back/crashes/cannot activate the solution

In Dying Light 2, players are free to jump from tall building to tall building, but they have to pay attention to their skills. If they are not careful, they will fall into mud. It is very exciting.Danger lurks in this game, and you have to get better to survive.In recent days, many friends want to play Extinction 2, but they can not start the game, or in the game flash back, crash situation, the following xiaobian to share solutions.Method 1: check whether the graphics card driver is the latest version of the specific operation: players suddenly flash back when playing Fading Light 2, it may be because the graphics card driver version of the computer is relatively old, we suggest that you go to the corresponding official website to update the latest version, and then restart the game to try to solve the problem.Generally speaking, players will experience the game flash back and crash, most likely because the game file has been damaged.If you bought extinction 2 on Steam, you can verify the integrity of my local file.For other platforms, you can simply uninstall the game and restart it.Method three: the computer housekeeper and other anti-virus software to end the process of specific operation: all kinds of anti-virus software is easy to conflict with extinction 2, leading to unable to start, we suggest that this kind of software to close, and then go to play.If it still doesn’t work, you can also open the Game acceleration tool, search for Dying Light 2, speed up and start the game.Running in a stable network environment also ensures a better game experience.The above is xiaobian for you to bring about the fading light 2 flash back, crash, can not start the solution, encounter such problems of small partners do not have to be nervous, according to the xiaobian to solve it.

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