On the fifth day of the first lunar month, seagulls are photographed at the Sankou of Haihe River in Tianjin

The well-known epidemic situation in Tianjin has disturbed the lives of Chinese people and affected the hearts of the CPC Central Committee and the whole nation.Many public places will be closed if we don’t let them out.This is in order to control the epidemic as soon as possible, return tianjin a healthy environment, Tianjin should vigorously develop construction and production, Tianjin will have a better life and development.Haihe River is the only open and unregulated outdoor public place in Tianjin. It is also the best scenery line in Tianjin construction and the first choice for tourists and photographers to visit Tianjin.Haihe Scenic line is the representative of tianjin construction and development image!Tianjin has a unique scenery, hagdon concentrated in the haihe river area in winter, in the search for food for the winter, tianjin locals and tourists to hagdon also very friendly, hagdon love eat what cake baked wheat cake and fresh fish, what they eat for hagdon, still has a lot of free people, the result hagdon also glad to show,Flying singing or playing in the haihe river water grab food, dynamic strong, splashing splashing around, in the light of the sun off the gull flying and singing, is very spectacular and beautiful, become a unique scenery in Tianjin, let the patter and visitors reluctant to go!We took some pictures this afternoon, please enjoy!

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