Tai Shan takeout rider’s proposal

The current epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in our district, standardize the behavior of takeout delivery, and effectively protect the safety and health of residents, the Party Committee of Takeout industry in Taishan District has issued the following proposals: 1.In strict accordance with the food safety standards of practice, the epidemic protection guide, earnestly implement the take-away industry best business distribution, distribution link epidemic prevention, the meal box daily disinfection, earnestly check overalls, gloves, and disinfectant before work such as personal protective equipment, strict testing temperature, the whole new crown vaccine, twice a week to detect nucleic acid,Pay attention to keep a distance of “1 meter line”, keep personal hygiene all the time, no contact throughout the delivery.In the process of delivery, when entering indoor public places, elevators and other confined Spaces, people should be alert to prevention and control, standardize the wearing of masks and resolutely block the transmission chain of the epidemic.Second, to be the frontline “combatant” of epidemic prevention.Party members and riders should take the initiative to report to communities and villages, and immediately report any weak links and abnormal situations of epidemic prevention and control found in the process of meal delivery. They should work together with communities and villages to become “mobile grid members” and “mobile outposts” of epidemic prevention and control at grassroots level.Take the initiative to supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures at takeaway sites and jointly build “entrance security barriers”.Takeaway riders are encouraged to actively participate in reporting with prizes for epidemic prevention and control, and those reporting with prizes verified will be rewarded in accordance with relevant regulations.Takeaway sites should strengthen the care and care for riders, register their health status every day, and remind employees to seek medical treatment in case of physical discomfort.Third, strive to be the “propagandist” of epidemic prevention policy.We should make full use of morning meetings and 15 minutes before work to actively study epidemic prevention knowledge and information and announcements released by official channels, so as to refrain from spreading rumors, believing or believing rumors.We need to put up posters on takeout food delivery vehicles, share epidemic prevention information in wechat moments and wechat groups, assist in publicity, education and public opinion guidance, give a positive voice, help people eliminate their fears, strengthen their confidence in victory, and gather the strength of the whole nation to fight the epidemic.Help each other and overcome difficulties together!It is hoped that the majority of takeaway riders will take active actions, understand, support and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic, gather together a strong force to fight the epidemic with every bit of strength, and hand over a qualified answer sheet in front of the epidemic!Taishan District Food Delivery Industry Party Committee April 2, 2022

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