A ship comparable to 50 Liaoning can accommodate 50,000 people, only the rich enjoy

In the eyes of many people, aircraft carriers are the largest ships in the world.But it’s not. Many 10,000-ton ships are bigger than aircraft carriers, and some special ships are bigger than giant freighters.These ships are not usually used for military purposes. In the United States, there is a very large crude oil carrier called the Sea Giant, which is a big brother presence to any nuclear CARRIER in the United States.So how big is this tanker?According to relevant data, the ship is 420 meters long and nearly 80 meters wide.The deck alone is nearly the size of four football fields.When it comes to its displacement, many people find it hard to believe, because the Sea Giant is a very large crude oil carrier with a displacement of 800,000 tons.The displacement of a nuclear carrier is only about 100, 000 tons, while the size of an oil tanker is the size of eight aircraft carriers.According to US media reports, the ship can transport 500,000 tons of oil at a time, I have to say, the US shipbuilding industry is quite developed.But America is a country that likes to innovate and is not content with the status quo.Not long ago, an American shipbuilding company publicly announced that they were going to build the world’s largest ship.And no country will build a bigger ship for a century.The United States gave this ship a very nice name. It was called the Ship of Freedom.According to relevant data, the designed tonnage of this ship is 3 million tons.The tonnage of China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning is 60,000 tons, which makes people feel that a ship of freedom is equal to the size of China’s 50 aircraft carriers.Many netizens say it’s more than a boat, it’s a city that moves on water.The ship will have residential blocks with an average height of 25 storeys.The size of the community is about 50,000 people.In addition to supporting schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other places.For this reason, the United States also began to pre-sell these houses, but the price is higher, the buyers are very few.This is a pleasure only the rich can enjoy, ordinary people can only see.

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