Grid inspection does not relax the Spring Festival epidemic prevention does not close

During the day, stick to the work post, in the grid carefully patrol;At night, we will improve the epidemic prevention and control ledger at home, and help residents when they have difficulties.During the Spring Festival, grid workers in the East Taoyuan North Road community in Xinghualing District were still active at work, patrolling the area again and again and taking 10,000 steps a day. Their wechat work group was named “Tiefooban”.”Customers are asked to check two yards at the door and are told to wear masks.””When leaving at night, always remember to turn off the electricity and water, and close the doors and Windows.”On February 4, the grid members of the east Community of Taoyuan North Road started another day of inspection.Although it is the Spring Festival holiday, they are still very busy. They come to the office early every day to learn about the latest epidemic prevention and control measures, and then inquire about the temperature and physical condition of those who have returned recently. Then they start to patrol the area and check the epidemic prevention and control and safety situation of stores along the street.After work, they can not relax, not only to take home the epidemic prevention and control ledger perfect, but also mobile phones, with residents’ call for help, to help solve problems in time.The community is divided into 10 grids, but only 8 grid members, a large mall in the grid has no grid members.The Spring Festival holiday, shopping mall traffic is large, epidemic prevention can not relax.After discussion, we decided that in addition to the daily shift inspection, every grid member as long as passing the shopping mall, check the epidemic prevention and control measures, and whether there are security risks.Inspecting the mall three to five times a day, community director Bo Zhenxiao says it has become the most reassuring place for everyone.Grid member Liu Xiaomei told reporters, for them, the New Year is more to guard, stick to the job, guard the lights, guard a party peace.Taiyuan Daily news gathering center reporter Yuan Jianfeng correspondent Yuan Qian

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