In common!Wang Shiyue Liu Xinyu live wire two people are like dili reba self-exposure

Beijing, Feb. 17 (Beijing time) — Chinese duo Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu’s Kung Fu Piano won 111.01 points in the free dance at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, placing second with a total score of 184.42, a new record for The Chinese delegation in the event.The ice dancing duo also caught the attention of netizens after the competition.On the evening of 16th, Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu finished the competition live on the social platform.In the process of live wire, Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu also exploded many childhood stories.For example, Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu replied why the group was called “Motor Engine”. Wang shiyue also said that it was because the choreographer said that the boys played a leading role in the group, like the engine of a car, while the girls were more like ma Da.Liu added: “I think the motor engine has a sense of always going forward with energy, which suits both of us.”In the process of live broadcast, many topics are led by Wang Shiyue, Liu Xinyu is like wang Shiyue’s reread machine.”I like Dilieba because she’s pretty,” Wang said shyly when asked about her favorite stars.Liu Xinyu chimed in: “I like Dilieba, too.”Then Wang Shiyue also revealed that he also like Yi Yangqianxi, Liu Xinyu also on the side of the synchronously broken chant: “Yes, Yi Yangqianxi.”Netizen message: “two primary school students how to fight up!””I have one more thing in common with national athletes!All love Dilieba!”

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