Our program, Yuanxiao | get together with harp to lyric song “line song falls plum” drama performance was held in Haoxi Bookstore

This morning, a musical instrument drama performance with the theme of “singing all the plum blossoms” was held in haoxi Calligraphy Garden by the riverside of Haoxi. Young artists gathered with Musical Instruments to express their feelings and feel the charm of traditional culture in the Musical Instruments and songs.The guqin song “Good Evening Introduction” kicked off the show.It is worth mentioning that the performers li Zi ‘an, Liu Yunxi, Bi Yuting and Lu Xu are all born in the 1990s and are famous in their respective fields of guqin, qin song, Kunqu opera and flute.The theme of the day, “Xing Song Du Luo Mei,” is taken from tang Dynasty poet Su Wei’s “The Night on the 15th Day of the first Lunar Month.”Around the Lantern Festival, plum blossoms bloom outside the window, indoor fragrance floating, qin song “Fragrance”, guqin song “Three Lane of Plum Blossom”, Kunqu opera “Lazy Thrush”, all the performances are related to plum blossom or The Lantern Festival, presenting the audience with a simple, timely and distant wonderful performance.

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