The Nets play true team basketball, the pressure is on Durant, Kyrie, Simmons and others

What a shame for the Kings, trying to make the playoffs, that they couldn’t beat the Nets after losing 11 in a row.No wonder the nets’ new players were all out there and in great shape. Seth Curry made 10 of 18 shots, including 3 of 8 from 3-point range, with 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists.Andre Drummond finished with 11 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block on 4-of-7 shooting and 3 of 4 free throws.In addition to Steph Curry and Draymond, the Nets had Bruce Brown, lamarcus Aldridge and Cameron Thomas score in double figures in what was arguably a multi-point victory.The end of 11 consecutive losses for the Nets is a huge psychological burden for the entire team, although beating a weak team like the Kings is not worth boasting, but considering the current Lineup and team condition of the Nets, so it is extremely difficult to win.With new signings, good teammates and a bench filled with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, the nets aren’t that bad after the trade.Any team needs stars and enough role players to be able to achieve better results, and the current supporting cast is good enough. If the big three fit together, the nets’ future is bright.But now there’s pressure on the Nets’ Big Three, too, because the role players outside the Big Three can play team basketball, and the big three’s return could disrupt that model.The Nets are averaging 263.8 passes per game, the fourth-worst in the league, and with the likes of Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving behind them, the model is essentially a big three using their individual brilliance to create opportunities for their teammates.But when the civilian nets made their debut, they threw 312 passes against the Kings, 48.2 more than their season average.Steph Curry, Patty Mills, etc., didn’t have great individual ability, but they made up for it with better passing and played rare team basketball.The nuggets, Pacers and Warriors are the league’s most prolific passers per game this season, with 310 passes per game, which is no mean feat for the civilian Nets.So, there is pressure on the Big Three. Their individual ability does create opportunities for role players, but their individual ability tends to make role players one-dimensional.If the likes of Durant, Irving and Simmons can also participate in the team’s passing, the Nets could be the winner of the big trade.Duncan’s laugh

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