What should we pay attention to when driving in winter?

I’ve been driving for about 20 years.A little bit of experience. We all know about winter travel.Sometimes the road is slippery. It will bring hidden danger to driving safety.Just a quick note on what to do.First of all, we should improve the awareness of driving safety in winter.Winter frost, fog, sleet, low temperature, more complex natural environment, driving safety has great harm.Strengthen the autumn and winter safety driving common sense and professional skills of learning and training, to ensure cold, ground slip, prevent safety accidents, driving in winter is still driving habits in other seasons is not.Vehicle winter maintenance to do well in advance.Maintenance work should be in place, the vehicle braking system, steering, driving system and gas supply pipeline, water pipeline, oil pipeline.The circuit and other components to carry out all-round inspection and maintenance, according to the provisions of winter oil.Car antifreeze supplement good, use winter.To ensure frequent inspection, frequent filling.Battery cold insulation and battery charging.Vehicle battery lead-acid battery, in cold conditions usually because of cold and reduced role, can adopt appropriate countermeasures for battery cold insulation and battery charging.Check the tire pressure carefully.Winter weather is cold, plastic in ultra-low temperature natural environment relative hard, brittle, so the pressure is too low.Harm the life of tires and driving safety.Will make the tire wall bending expansion, coupled with ultra-low temperature is very easy to make the tire wall plastic rupture;High air pressure reduces tyre grip.Check that each car tyre is properly inflated.Conditions allow. You can also consider changing the tires for winter tires in winter.Install tire anti-skid chain in snow and ice environment.Driving speed should not exceed 50Km per hour, do not suddenly speed up or slow down.And can consider to bring shovel, pick and other ground skid prevention special tools.Winter driving on the vehicle parts of more consumption, steering, braking system, lighting effect, sound speakers, wipers and other key parts, often check.Then remove security risks.Check whether the plastic hose of the car engine is broken or leaking;Check engine belt for damage and tightness level.Driving in snowy days is mainly slow, followed by keeping a good distance with the car in front, paying attention to the front and three reverse mirrors, and paying attention to the vehicles on both sides.Ahead of time the brake pedal, and must be the brake pedal as soon as possible, such as high speed ice temperature driving should pay attention to the following matters: in the driving in the snow, snow covered road, sometimes the gap is covered with snow, road surface contour can’t identify, should according to the plants and trees on either side of the road when driving, pole, such as reference to distinguish the driving circuit, low gear drive;The road with car withdrawal should follow the car withdrawal driving, can not play the steering wheel, to prevent the vehicle side slip out of the road.Drive steadily and safely.To avoid wheels slip, started to be as stable as possible carry clutch (manual type speed), or slow step the accelerator (CVT) in the whole process, driving personnel to maintain a low gear, average, slowly turn the steering wheel, light step slow up the accelerator pedal, steering before should be moderately reduce speed, moderately expand the road turning radius.Do not slide in neutral.Overtaking should choose a more reliable region, moderately expand the car across the interval, and maintain a certain distance with the road, with cars driving car and should maintain relatively large vertical spacing, in the mountain areas of snow and ice road driving, find limber already uphill, the car parking should choose appropriate address, such as vehicle safety through uphill again after;In case of a slope, the uphill starting car should not let the downhill car first emergency stop, nor can it turn sharply, in case of sideslip or uncontrollable steering.Encounter heavy rain or heavy rain, the efficacy of the wiper can not reach the visibility provisions, do not have to explore the driving, should choose a safe place to park, and open wide lights, rain or rain stopped to travel again.When following vehicles, changing lanes and overtaking vehicles in the rain, increase the spacing with vehicles and road edges.Slow down when driving at night.Even with the headlights on in the evening, the visibility distance is much shorter than in the daytime, and the reaction time and treatment time of drivers are relatively short when encountering risks.Therefore, when driving in the evening, the speed is slowed down as much as possible to ensure that the braking deceleration of the vehicle is within the distance between the headlights of the car, so as to solve the risk situation immediately.Night driving should minimize lane change, be sure to change lane, with the car in front, continue to change the car headlights, high beams, close light, in the judgment of the car in front has evasive.The excess can be exceeded if the excess is allowed.

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