Xixia dialect novel “black and white Biting Fang” was distributed 91 times, thank you for reading

“Black and White On tingfang”, is a novel in the form of chapter, 350,000 words, a total of 20 chapters, can be divided into 100 sections.Put out 91 sessions in the headlines, and it’s over.There are two chapters can not be sent back, there is no reluctance.A long, thirty or twenty thousand words can not be sent out is very normal.If the book comes out in the future, it will have those two chapters, more than 40,000 words.Bettingfang was a local man.At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Bettingfang was 29 years old and lived another 29 years.Fifty-eight years old, half in the Qing Dynasty, half in the People’s Republic.Bettingfang lived in one of the most turbulent times in modern Chinese history.Swordsmen, bandits, he experienced warlords, he also experienced the war of Resistance against Japan, he died in the middle of the war.Among the folk in the west of Henan province, there are many stories of Beiting Fang.The previous book, “The Other Commander of the People”, paid more attention to the folk legacy.These are memories of my childhood and adolescence, mostly over dinner or in country pubs.Without the element of transmission, bettingfang’s legacy would have been forgotten and there would have been no legacy.After the publication of “The Civil Commander of Bettingfang,” the descendants of people who had met Bettingfang, mostly grandchildren, heard many stories about bettingfang from their grandfather and passed them on to me in some way, which made me interested in writing “Bettingfang in Black and White.”I didn’t plan to get to 350,000 words, but when I did, there was always some story jumping in front of my eyes, and I kept writing until I got to 350,000 words.Twenty chapters. Brother Mabende, when he was chief editor of “Gonggeng”, posted 16 chapters in succession.It’s almost done.That’s the version of the headline.Toutiao’s “Black and White, Different Tingfang” has been read more than 200,000 times in one section, and thousands of times in the least.And from the backstage statistics, 80 to 90 percent of the readers have read the whole story.At a time when the number of readers of novels published on paper media is gradually decreasing, there is still such a reading volume, which is also a driving force for me to finish publishing this novel in 91 times.There are still many readers who want me to write about Zhenping Lao Peng, but I am not very familiar with him, so I dare not make an attempt.Others wanted me to write about the feud between Beiting Fang and Deng County Dai Huan Zhang, but for the same reason, I was afraid to write.Some readers want me to write about Chen Chonghua of Xichuan, but I don’t have the vision and ability, nor do I have more detailed records of folklore and historical materials, so it is difficult to write a regional historical figure out of thin air.His legacy among the people is nothing but to exterminate swindlers and bandits, to transform temples into schools, to harness rivers and to build power stations. The most brilliant achievement is that He fought the New Tang Campaign during the Anti-Japanese War, possessing the national righteousness that should be possessed by a local military figure.For this reason, Bettingfong’s legacy lives on today.This is a lot of people in the west of Henan do not have.The most popular story in western Henan province is that children cry at night. When adults tell them not to come, the children are too scared to cry.This image is the folk evidence of bettingfang’s brutal tactics.The way of exterminating scutters and bandits, and the means of killing people who violated moral norms, were obviously incompatible with the rule of law.This point is clearly stated in the Story of Beigong Xiangzhai written by Liu Xiangbo after Beigong Fang’s death: “You deeply feel that the rule of law depends on the rule of man.”Liu Xiangbo at that time, there is such a point of view, is not simple.Three months, 91 sessions.The number of readers is 12 percent in Henan, 8 percent in Shandong and 7 percent in Guangdong.There are readers in Tibet, Macau and Hong Kong.Hats off to every reader, without whom a long story is basically meaningless.In a few days, we will post “The Commander of The People” to the headlines. If you are interested, you can read it like “Black and White.Thank you.

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