Harden keep pressing!Closing down the palace drama in the Nets, 2 choices 1, adu + Irving choose silence

It was Feb. 1, one day after the Nets lost to the Warriors on the road.The Nets lost their fourth straight game.Harden, who has been sidelined for two games with a hand injury, is not expected to play in the next game against the SUNS. With Durant out, Irving out and Lamarcus Aldridge injured, the Nets’ prospects are not looking good.The Nets have lost four in a row, and the pressure is mounting on Nash and the front office.Last week, multiple sources said harden was already looking for a replacement.The Sixers are the most likely to land Harden.Harden said in an interview that he has no plans to leave the Nets and is happy with his life in Brooklyn.20 hours ago, The famous God Of War broke an important news.Warden said harden continued to refuse to sign a contract extension offered by the Nets, and he told the nets’ management that they had to win a championship this season before anything could go on.That said, if the Nets don’t win a title this season, Harden will likely opt out of his contract.Harden didn’t directly express his displeasure with the Nets’ current situation, but he did make it clear.Wojzen said harden has confidence in the Nets’ big three, but it hasn’t been 100% for most of the game, with the big three missing a lot of games for a variety of reasons.Harden’s patience, it’s worth noting, has its limits.Why is that?Irving and Durant both have championship rings, while Harden is still empty-handed.A year ago, harden forced the Rockets to send him to the Nets after he had cornered them in a variety of ways. At that time, Harden had a long-term contract with the Rockets and they were one of the favorites to win the NBA championship.Now harden is in trouble with the Nets, too, and the front office is worried.There are only two options open to the Nets’ front office.The first is that the Nets win and Harden stays.The second option is to let Harden go.In fact, the Nets management team did not want to win?With Kyrie Irving out of control, Kevin Durant injured and James Harden hobbled by minor injuries, the big Three took up so much cap space that the front office had little room to maneuver.Regarding Irving’s unwillingness to accept New York City rules that prevent him from playing home games, team leader Kevin Durant wouldn’t say much.Durant also remained silent on the matter of Harden’s extension.# # harden

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