He Qing, who had been in a coma for a month, woke up!Hour reporter visits hospital exclusively, sister believes miracle can happen

Qian Jiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Tang Xufeng article/Photo correspondent Yao Lulu Hu Jiaxiao From January 2 to now, Ningbo Beilun District Xiaogang police Station, 46 years old auxiliary police He Qing touched many people’s hearts.At the beginning of the New Year, an epidemic broke out in Beilun District. He Qing, who had been fighting for 30 hours on the front line, collapsed at work due to cerebral stem hemorrhage and was in critical condition.Ningbo public Security’s tweet “Brother He Qing, hold on!”Tear-jerking and timely coverage on the hourly news (see here).Is He Qing awake?When can I wake up?For more than a month, no matter relatives, friends, colleagues or net friends, no matter know or do not know people, are looking forward to the arrival of good news.He Qing did wake up, just a few days ago.Today (February 16), qianjiang Evening News hour news reporter exclusively visited Zhejiang University Mingzhou Hospital, visited he Qing has initially recovered, and had a simple interaction with him.He Qing’s sister and the doctor in charge were interviewed by the hourly news reporter.Beilun Public Security Bureau also held a donation ceremony for He Qing’s medical aid today. The ningbo Gang from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan donated 200,000 yuan of medical aid through ningbo Overseas Association.1】 Doctor: He Qing has woken up, the follow-up recovery will be difficult, it is difficult to stand up. At 3 PM, hour news reporters came to the rehabilitation department on the 6th floor of the Inpatient department of Zhejiang University Mingzhou Hospital located in Yinzhou District, He Qing had been escorted by family members and nurses to undergo 2 hours of hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.Zhang Qiang, the doctor in charge of He Qing, was interviewed by the Hourly news reporter.”He Qing came out of coma and initially woke up about a week ago.”Zhang qiang said he Qing is semi-conscious and cannot eat normally or speak.He Qing was able to wake up and his sister and all the medical staff were thrilled.”He still sleeps in a coma for long periods of the day. When his sister calls him, he nods slightly. The nurses tease him and arm wrestle him, but they can’t.”‘Brain stem bleeding is usually fatal,’ Said Mr. Zhang. ‘She suffered from overwork and the bleeding was very large, which would have been risky if she had had surgery.’In ICU of Beilun District People’s Hospital, conservative treatment was taken with the consent of family members.According to Dr. Zhang, after half a month of rescue in beilun People’s Hospital, He Qing got off the ventilator and could breathe on her own.On January 24, qing He was transferred to Mingzhou Hospital with stable vital signs.The rehabilitation department here is one of the best in Ningbo, but because he Qing was unconscious for a long time, he Was transferred to the hospital with high body temperature, conjunctiva congestion edema and other symptoms.Mingzhou Hospital gradually improved his condition through treatment of complications, anti-infection drugs, joint exercise and other rehabilitation methods, as well as hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment to promote the recovery of brain stem tissue.”Whether He Qing can stand up again is still uncertain.”Yang Yubo, director of the rehabilitation department, said that the follow-up rehabilitation work is a difficult project, and for now only cautious optimism can be maintained.2】 sister He Juan said tears, the family still hide the 90-year-old mother at 4:15 p.m., in the empty single ward, hours of news reporters waiting for He Qing to return from hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, the first into the ward is he Qing’s second sister He Juan.He Juan arrived at Mingzhou Hospital at 9 PM on February 11. She took a bus from her hometown Jingmen city to Yichang and then transferred to Ningbo by plane.”My four sisters, only one brother.”He Juan, 59, burst into tears as she chatted with the Hournews reporter.”Brother very honest honest, since childhood has been obedient, read only to junior high school.”He Juan said, little sister He Rong is the first to work in Ningbo, but also in this family.About 16 or 17 years ago, my brother and mom followed.”For so many days after my brother’s accident, my little sister took care of him alone in the hospital. This time I took care of my little brother, which freed my little sister to take charge of the family, which also has children and a 90-year-old mother.”Here, He Juan burst into tears, he Qing after the accident, the family has been hiding the old mother.According to He, Qing has only been back to her hometown two or three times since she came to Work in Ningbo. The last time she went home was when her nephew got married in 2016.”We mainly communicate with wechat by phone.”He Juan recalled, this year’s New Year’s day afternoon, the outbreak of the epidemic in Beilun, He Qing as auxiliary police station put on protective clothing, when he returned to his brother-in-law called, said he was in the epidemic line, hope sister brother-in-law also pay attention to the body, did not expect the next day he collapsed.”He’s too strong to catch a cold.”He Juan recalled, After the brother on January 2, she wanted to come, little sister said beilun epidemic also can not come, so has been dragged to the New Year, later heard that brother transferred to the hospital, in the hometown to settle the father-in-law, and then rushed over.”My brother is a good man. He pays New Year’s greetings to his elders and relatives in his hometown every Spring Festival.”He Juan said, but his brother has been single, auxiliary police for years, living in the dormitory provided by the unit.Here, he Juan tears again.While chatting, the nurse jiao pushed He Qing in, he Juan and the nurse together to help deal with urination, turning over, beating back, beating out of the lung sputum.He Qing still had tubes in her nose, leaving only her right eye exposed.”Anwar, Anwar, look who’s here?”Sister He Juan in call him, not for a moment, he Qing opened his eyes.Anwar is he Qing’s nickname.”Call him by his pet name. It’ll jog his memory.These days, the nurse jiao also calls him by his nickname.”He Juan said.”Anwar, I know you like being a cop.I salute you.”He blinked twice as the reporter held his right hand and tried to communicate with him.He Juan said, last night, the next ward has two elder sisters come to see him, he also tried to nod.3】 The charity of “Ningbo Gang” donated 200,000 yuan for he Qing’s treatment expenses. According to the interview with the hourly news reporter, he Qing and his four sisters’ family economic conditions are very ordinary.Second sister He Juan came to the hospital, every day to sleep in the ward, dining to the hospital canteen, only dare to order a vegetarian dish.”I’ll be here for him until he gets better.”He Juan believes that miracles will happen, brother is getting better every day, one day, will smile called “sister”, as before can run can jump.Today, there is a good news: He Qing received 200,000 yuan medical aid.The 200,000 yuan medical aid fund was donated to Beilun Public Security Bureau by the ningbo Overseas Association from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.Relevant departments of Ningbo city and Beilun District also sent condolence money to He Qing’s family.At present, He Qing has received 290,000 yuan from various donors.At the same time, the public security organs actively applied for all kinds of honors for He Qing, and awarded him the first-class public security Honor award and the title of “Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19 in Zhejiang Province”.”He Qing woke up and nodded when he called his name.That’s the most gratifying thing for us.”A person in charge of the political bureau of beilun Public Security Bureau said that the 200,000 yuan medical aid will be used as a special aid for He Qing’s medical treatment.”I hope he will get better and return to his honorable post of public security again.”

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