Pet owners touch these five parts of the dog, the dog will love, but many pet owners do not touch

Concern, a health science pet original article, do not plagiarize.Shovelers all want their dogs to like them, and they want to make their dogs like them.In fact, pet owners touch the five parts of the dog, the dog will be very like, this is a scientific basis, but many pet owners do not touch.1, back dog’s back is not restricted, many dogs are very like to let the owner touch the back, because the back, the dog often can not scratch, the owner’s touch makes them feel very comfortable.Pet owners can follow the dog’s hair and bones, down to touch, pet owners touch this part, the dog will be more and more like you.2. Every time the head touches the dog’s head, the dog looks comfortable and satisfied.Because the dog’s head has many nerve acupoints, the owner gently stroking, will bring stimulation to the dog.Pet your dog’s head more, it will make your dog feel comfortable, and your dog will like you more.3, the dog’s ears also have a lot of feeling nerves, the owner gently knead the dog’s ears with his fingers, will let the dog have a “dying” feeling.Pet owners usually touch the dog’s ears, the dog will love you.But this part, many pet owners do not touch.Now that I know, pet owners can massage their dog’s ears a little more.4, the dog’s chin, there are a lot of meat, not only the dog feel very good, the dog is also very enjoy being the owner of the chin.And dogs can watch you all the time.The dog will love it when its owner touches its chin, but many pet owners do not touch it.After each stroke, the pet owner can reward the dog with some snacks to eat, the dog will be more happy.Belly dog belly is a very vulnerable part, generally only in front of the most trusted will be exposed.Not everyone can touch a dog’s belly, if the dog gets close to you and treats you like a master, then you are allowed to be touched.If you rub his belly more, he will feel loved and he will like you more.Conclusion: What does your dog like to touch?

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