The deep meaning of “having no money, going home for the Spring Festival” is worth thinking about…

(Transfer) This article, the Chinese Spring Festival written deeply, recommended to you, please read.The greatness of the Spring Festival lies in the fact that a country, regardless of the weather and the spring, is so natural, willing and sincere to participate in such a major ceremony, or once a year, without interruption. Where is the cohesion of the Festival?This is the strength of family affection, which enables The Chinese people to consciously follow the path of human relations, which is bigger than religion, bigger than politics, bigger than money. No matter they are in remote villages, or in cities full of wine and wine, they will have to travel thousands of miles and trek across mountains and rivers to get home. No one can stop the Footsteps of Chinese people returning home for the Spring Festival.The identity of customs, is the consistency of life, the long-term integration of life, is bound to form a common collective personality, thus building the cultural values of the Chinese nation, the main vein of this culture, is to take the family as the core derived from the line of affection.Even if a person goes to the ends of the earth, his heart is pulling an invisible thread.There are as many threads as there are Chinese people. Together, these threads form a blood web woven by the Chinese people with emotions.This great cohesion has endured for a long time, and the Chinese people’s original intention of returning home to nourish family ties has never changed despite the changes of imperial power and banner.”If you have enough money or not, you can go home for the Spring Festival.”There were concerns that festivals such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day outside China would weaken the Chinese people’s adherence to their own traditional festivals.But when people in the Spring Festival when the mouth, standing in the station, the dock, the airport to see those people running home, you know, the heart, is how an irresistible force.Even if all the festivals in the world were written on the calendar, it would not shake the longing for The Chinese Spring Festival.How amazing it is that a traditional festival, melted in the cultural DNA, has such a strong ability to integrate this nation.Our Spring Festival, is our cultural identity, is the confidence of culture, culture consciously gathered into the folk, people, public opinion.Our Spring Festival is the best embodiment of the love of life and affection of Chinese people all over the world!A great nation is bound to produce a great culture, and a great culture is bound to condense a great nation!Greatness is not blown out, is a huge ethnic group, after thousands of years of suffering tempered and rooted in the identity of blood, this is the charm of Chinese civilization endless!

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